100% Pure New Zealand rebrands to ‘100% Pure Kindness’

100% Pure New Zealand rebrands to ‘100% Pure Kindness’

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100% Pure New Zealand announced that since it is world kindness day, they’ve rebranded to 100% Pure Kindness on all of their social media handles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Today, they will be sharing stories of good news and kind-heartedness for 24 hours.

From 6:00 am, stories of kindness from New Zealand and around the globe will be shared across the social media handles which will be halting traditional New Zealand ‘tourism’ themed videos, tweets and posts.


“This is the first time we have ever rebranded our social channels with something other than New Zealand destination content,” says Brodie Reid, Director of Marketing New Zealand.

It was a surprising decision for a tourism board according to Brodie, as he says, that having a social platform denotes responsibility and he believes that it is the right time to take action on that and just spread kindness.

“In a year like 2020, celebrating kindness is more important than ever. We wanted to take time on World Kindness Day to remind people that despite a challenging year, kindness and caring are still at the core of us all,” says Brodie.

“Social media is too often a breeding ground for stress, anxiety or unkind behaviour but even witnessing acts of kindness can have a positive effect on people, so we hope these random acts of kindness spread a little hope and joy over the next 24 hours.”

“We want to use our platform to highlight some of the amazing acts of kindness happening around the world and here in New Zealand.”

Brodie says that it’s been great to see Tourism New Zealand sharing the message around, as it’s very important during these hard times, to mark world kindness day.

“This campaign reminds us that while many of us continue to be physically separated, we can still connect virtually and spread messages of kindness around the world. That’s a powerful message, and one we’re proud to support” says Angus Keene, Head of Client Partnerships at Twitter Australia / New Zealand.

Brodie says that it isn’t just the beautiful landscapes that all New Zealanders enjoy when they go on holiday, it’s the kind people and manaakitanga that makes the country special.

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