1080 legal case progresses, bringing security to the Environment

1080 legal case progresses, bringing security to the Environment

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thisquality allegedly received documents which show that a 1080 poison legal case has progressed, where it will create a domino effect for almost every region in New Zealand.

The case describes vaguely that its progress has drastically moved forward to a point where the courts and regional health officers will most likely be held accountable or summoned for actions made due to falsification of-said-reports that were supplied to Department of Conservation in the past. The reports lead to tests not being relevant in the ‘real world’ example.

However, as thisquality understands, the locations of where the said case is undergoing cannot be revealed. This is protecting the security of the legal process that needs to follow-suit before public knowledge is announced about the situation and outcome of the legal case.

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During a meeting with an undercover Journalist, an alleged informant mentioned that the case proves a supposed outcome for a suspected false narrative that has played out by a creator of said ‘factual’ reports that were used from numerous individual agencies and outlets, who work with the Government and Department of Conservation.

The duration of this legal case has been kept confidential and is before the courts.

thisquality cannot comment further on the circumstances of the legal case.


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