1080 Poison event at Manakau Hall, a success to pressure DOC & OSPRI for answers

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On Wednesday night, an event organized by locals was set up to spread awareness to other locals, hunters, fishers, and trappers focus on the issues around 1080 Poison & the upcoming Tararua Ranges 1080 Poison Aerial Drop. Some of the topics discussed were trapping alternatives to 1080 poison Pellets, a signature from anyone attending was voluntary but was encouraged to stop the upcoming drop. A civil discussion from select speakers was accepted about the current issues surrounding 1080 Poison.

Source: Manakau Hall

The event was held at the Manakau Hall. The hall offers a variety of spaces available for meetings, weddings or functions. It was the perfect place to have a community meeting about 1080 poison involving the locals to listen in on what was said on the night. Roughly 50 people attended the event in support of the speakers breaking new ideas and facts.


Source: ATTICA candidate Michael Kay for Otaki

ATTICA candidate Michael Kay for Otaki thanked the audience for coming and letting them know that if they don’t know anything about 1080, he expects that everyone attending will find out something they didn’t know about 1080 poisoning by the end.

“You are going to hear from some of the people that have been pushed into the background by censorship and by a government that does not want the public to know what it is doing in our conservation. So, this is 50% of our country, and it’s managed by the crown, and it is about time the people take this place back and manage its self from a local level.”

The audience got to see co-leader of the Outdoors Party Sue Grey speak and share her ideas, past legal cases for stopping 1080 drops, and expression of interest on a video projected; to inspire the attendees. After the event ended, Sue said it was great to see the turnout of everyone attending the event and coming together as one.

“So sorry I couldn’t make it in person but hope my video was useful. I’m definitely keen to get to the next one if that’s possible.”

Ex Outdoors Party members, now ATTICA candidates, Michael Kay for Otaki & Mike ILES for Mana, attended the event to share their ideas and knowledge with the audience. The event, regardless of having public political figures, was civil, and not one person had a problem with it. New Zealand needs less ego in politics to allow communities to come together for finding new solutions to current issues without irresponsible drama because of who they are associated with.

Source: Guest - Erica Wallis-iles

Erica, who attended the event, says, ‘it was an excellent meeting’ – she was amazed about seeing a large number of people come together in support of stopping a 1080 poison drop proposed in the Tararua Ranges for late winter according to OSPRI.

“I was really surprised by the number of people who are actually interested in stopping 1080. We are currently trying to stop one of the 1080 drops there but, I think what surprises me is how much the government is actually shutting down the people who are interested in stopping 1080 and, why the government isn’t listening to the people. I think that’s why a lot of the people were here. They want answers, and we are not actually getting them, and I want to know why which is why I come along and how we can do something about it.”

Source: Guest - Terrence C

Terrence, a young one attending with his supervisors, wanted to learn more about the real facts behind 1080 he expresses his idea of what 1080 pellets can do to a human and, understands that if it keeps happening, there will be no food for people to hunt.


“I wanted to learn about the effects of 1080 and what it’s doing to our ecosystem. I reckon it was informative enough to the point where I know what it is and not know too much about it, so it’s kind of an in-between point where you know what it is, you know the basics, but you don’t know the science behind it and all that. If they (DOC/OSPRI) don’t talk to us, we have got not knowing what it is, and then eventually, we will touch it (1080 pellets). We will just die or slowly, slowly, suffer, and so if people are doing that and staying away from the forest and then we can’t get our food because we need to hunt to get our food so then we don’t have to pay the expensive prices.”

Source: Event Organiser - Rana Jensen

Rana, event organiser wants to make sure everyone attended on the night learned something they didn’t about 1080 poison and the effects it has on the environment and all life.

“I came here tonight because I really felt that 1080 seriously needed to be talked about. About a month ago, a group of us were like that’s a type of subject and it’s like come on guys, when we go home tonight how about all of us bring it up at the dinner table in front of the tv or where ever and we came back the next week, and it was like yeah, they said it actually worked. I learned that the fear that we were feeling about this poison regime is nothing, and I hope that everyone else here has seen that as well. It is time to listen to the people and me as muaūpoko proud realise that I have a say in what you’s fellas do.”

Source: Hunter/Tramper - Matt Betts

Matt, hunter/tramper, expresses his story about what he’s seen in the bush while a 1080 operation was happening.

“Me and a friend of mine. We were walking up to field hut, we were right in the middle of a 1080 drop, and we knew it was going on. We thought we’d go for a walk and have a look- we were walking up the main DOC (Department of Conservation) track; field hut is a common track that a lot of families use. We had pellets drop on our heads when on the signs they said there are 50 meters east from the track was going not going to be poisoned, so a mate and I walked up there. On our way back down, we saw DOC workers (not sure if they are DOC workers or OSPRI workers)- whoever they were, hazmat suits chucking 1080 pellets off the track, and they said they weren’t going to poison that track.”

Our reporter asked Matt if that scares him- “it scares the living hell out of me,” says Matt.


“It’s not just us hunters/trappers, I’m a passionate tramper, and I love tramping and walking around the hills just looking at the birds. The Deers. The animals that are up there, the wetas, everything. Most New Zealanders don’t get to see that because there’s nothin’ there for them to see because you don’t see the birds. I flew into a place mid-wahine, in the middle of the Tararua’s, a hard place to get into, and I’ve seen four falcons, sparrowhawks, and I’ve never seen sparrowhawks anywhere around in this area. Flew into there, hunted into there, seen sparrowhawks, seen tomtits, riflemen, heaps of kereru, fantails, tuis, bowerbirds, and that place hasn’t been 1080’d for over ten years and it only had just recovered, and now they are about to do it again.”

“We need to get people together so we can stop this. We just need help. Please help us.”

The event turned out to be a great success after select speakers expressed their proven concerns & problems they know about 1080 poison pellets. Solutions & remedies were also discussed. A cease and desist was signed after the event & has been sent to the appropriate corporations and organizations to stop the Tararua Ranges Aerial 1080 Drop.

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