1 year:
on August 24 2020, thisquality went public


The platform has done exceptionally well for a whole year as a news organisation developed from the ground up in Aotearoa. Through this time, there have been challenges but opportunities to do good holding racists, fraudsters and conspiracy theorists to account.


"This page is dedicated to the stories we have told and timeline of events that lead to what it is today."

- Sam Hudson, Chief Executive

thisquality original logo - August 20, 2020

thisquality logo
  • Sam Hudson, Founder/Chief Executive of thisquality

    Sam Hudson, Founder/Chief Executive of thisquality

    20-year-old Sam Hudson developed a number of small projects during his young years, starting at age 14. Growing up in the Wellington region of New Zealand's North Island.


    At the end of 2018, an idea sparked Mr Hudson to create a news organisation and tell stories that matter to local communities by blogging on current events such as crime, emergency and local happenings on a now-deleted personal domain. The idea was proven to work until the beginning of 2020. thisquality went into development starting in May of that year after a load of planning went into the initial website layout and business plan for the next three years.


    During this time, he took the Work Ready Programme, took an apprenticeship course at an IT Solutions firm in Paraparaumu, later attended Universal College of Learning to undertake Business Enterprise and Development.


    The website was released to select few friends to read through and find any bugs or glitches. After successfully trialling a beta phase, thisquality.com was launched to the public on August 24, 2020.


    It continues to operate a year later and is just starting to bring in profits after a significant investment in development.


    Image: CC/ Sam Hudson [Kāpiti Island in background]

  • thisquality beta phase

    thisquality beta phase

    The beta phase of thisquality was released through May to August 2020 to make sure it was useable even though it did not look the brightest—as all platforms do when they first start out.


    Usual coverage of crime, emergency and local happenings continued after the transition from Mr Hudson's personal blog domain.


    Publications published gained more traction as they were distributed into local social media groups giving the platform a test to see how much load it could take.


    The website did not go down or offline. thisquality has only gone down once on August 10 (2021) before the anniversary after a significant outage that struck its servers shortly after a service upgrade aiming to improve infrastructure speeds.

    CC/ thisquality beta website

  • Partnership agreements with independent, private and Government firms

    Partnership agreements with independent, private and Government firms

    Mr Hudson on August 25 of 2020 signed a partnership agreement with independent publisher Scoop.co.nz.


    The agreement allows more news to be delivered to the platform and means Journalists or those on contracts can use the license to recreate stories from their newswire feed(s). In the year ahead thisquality plans to do more work with Scoop.


    Other agreements were made with the platform, but they cannot be disclosed due to NDA's. This includes independent, private and Government firms or organisations.


    By mid-September, further revelations were made with the Ministry of Health to promote their messaging due to the Covid-19 Pandemic — providing daily updates and keeping New Zealanders informed about new developments that the virus poses.


    Image: CC/ SUPPLIED

  • Financial prosperity and onward

    Financial prosperity and onward

    The platform has been developed to a point where it will begin taking in advertisements and advertisers as part of its business model. Furthermore, they will be small businesses and not larger corporations.


    The main focus is to give those interested ‘that platform they are looking for' where they might not have the chance with other New Zealand news industry platforms to promote their services or products.


    2021 despite the Pandemic, will be a strong year to keep local industries going by converting clicks into ROI for advertisers at cheaper rates.


    thisquality tells stories from businesses including promoting local and regional based news of public interest to show what there is to offer. It is the latest stories and news that matter to New Zealanders.


    Mr Hudson thanked financial supporters of the news platform during Covid-19 and saw its growth had happened quickly within a short period of time.


    It has been a challenging ride for the platform to get off the ground in Pandemic hit New Zealand due to advertising limitations in the industry and achieving partnership deals with small businesses as part of its target market.


    Coming up to its official launch day anniversary on August 24 of this year, statistics show the organisation is presenting growth financially and in numbers despite the challenges.


    Here's to another year and we thank our readers for checking out the storyline so far.
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    Image: CC/ thisquality modern design logo – July 11, 2021

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