2,000,000 Covid-19 tests processed in New Zealand

2,000,000 Covid-19 tests processed in New Zealand

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New Zealand’s Institute of Medical Laboratory Science has hailed incredible efforts of workers inside the laboratories who worked hard to process a milestone of 2,000,000 Covid-19 tests.

NZIMLS is a body that oversees the professional affairs of medical scientists and technicians that work in diagnostic testing laboratories.

A press release to thisquality includes comments from NZIMLS President Terry Taylor, who says it has been an outstanding effort made within the health sector.


“After recently marking the first anniversary of the first Covid19 (SARS- CoV-2) testing in New Zealand, the upcoming milestone of two million tests performed demonstrates the outstanding effort made by the allied health sector to the pandemic response,” Mr Taylor said to thisquality.

“We are incredibly proud and inspired by the efforts of our members over the past year. One million of those Covid-19 tests have been processed in the Auckland region alone, which is an exceptional achievement.”

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Professionals within laboratories around New Zealand have worked under immense pressure that the public does not precisely see for themselves. This is throughout the entire duration of the Pandemic since it hit our shores.

“The country can be assured that this workforce will continue to provide and support the Covid-19 response,” Mr Taylor said.

“Although Covid-19 testing remains a major focus during the pandemic, all other diagnostic laboratory testing continues, and our talented New Zealand workforce will ensure that our service standards remain amongst the best in the World.”

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson [Wgtn]

The Government and the Ministry of Health have communicated with NZIMLS to support and acknowledge their work, this includes the Minister of Health Andrew Little, Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins, and the Chief Allied Health Officer Dr Martin Chadwick.

The total number of tests processed to date is 2,000,842 — the first being carried out on February 7 of 2020. A release from the Ministry to thisquality states that 1,212,328 people have been tested since then. That is 244 people out of 1,000 of all New Zealanders.

New Zealand reached a milestone of its first 1,000,000 tests during October last year. The highest number of tests in a single day was 25,007, which was during Auckland’s August cluster.

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“Testing has and continues to be a core part of our elimination strategy for Covid-19 and is in addition to the current public health measures being practised at the border such as physical distancing, basic hygiene measures, and appropriate PPE use,” a spokesperson from the Ministry said to thisquality.


“The vaccination roll-out is another key measure New Zealand is using to reduce the spread of infection. To everyone who has played their part, whether at the frontline or providing necessary support, we thank you for your contribution and the huge difference you’ve made to our response.”

“New Zealand’s response owes a debt of gratitude to our laboratory workers and all other supporting workers who have made this happen.”

“We would also like to thank all New Zealanders who have been tested, including our frontline workers who are regularly re-tested.”

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Its a bit like saying that 2 million car tires pressure has been checked with faulty gauges.