40 Christchurch Airport workers receive COVID-19 Vaccination – video

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Around 40 Border Workers from Christchurch Airport received vaccination. The vaccinations took place at a nearby community-based testing centre.

Aviation security workers, cleaners, police, customs workers and health protection officers received the vaccination.

On February 23 (yesterday), 35 Canterbury-based vaccinators gave and received the Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine in preparation for today’s rollout.

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According to the Ministry of Health around 20 per cent of New Zealand’s Border and Managed Isolation and Quarantine workers are based in Canterbury.

“it’s fantastic that the first group have taken up the opportunity to get their first dose of the vaccine as we roll this programme out to all the region’s border and MIQ workers over the next few weeks,” said the Ministry of Health to thisquality.

COVID-19 Vaccine Immunisation Programme Clinical Lead Dr Joe Bourne says frontline staff are continuing their efforts to keep the virus out.

“We’re very grateful for their commitment and hard work. They’re the most at risk of exposure to COVID-19 and it is important that we prioritise their protection,” said Dr Joe Bourne.

Canterbury DHB clinician Dr Alan Pithie, Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases and General Medicine says they are confident that the rollout of the immunisation programme is an important ‘milestone’ to fight against COVID-19.

“Our staff are putting in a huge amount of work to provide those at the border in Canterbury with the best protection against COVID-19. This is just the start of the vaccination rollout and we are confident that the system we have created is robust and efficient,” said Dr Alan Pithie.

We are really proud of our team, this is obviously a new situation for everyone, but it is incredibly important that we complete this first phase as quickly as possible.”

Image/Video: SUPPLIED/Ministry of Health [Government Newswire]

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