$80k in Scholarships: Graduate Women New Zealand

$80k in Scholarships: Graduate Women New Zealand

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Graduate Women New Zealand (GWNZ) has awarded more than $1,000,000 in scholarship grants for women’s education since the year 2010.

For women’s studies in 2021, GWNZ has awarded over $81,000 for 12 scholarship winners.

The awards were selected from 115 applicants, and the awardees were chosen for their academic excellence and commitment to cutting-edge ‘research’ — meeting goals with GWNZ.

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From the successful candidates, they are engaged in multiple courses ranging from Masters to PhD quality research. Other areas include humanities, technology, education, psychology, environmental planning, healthcare, music and gender.

The 12 awardees accepted their very own scholarships and joined up with the awardee network and at an associated GWNZ branch or independent member network.

“Granted annually, these generous scholarships are made possible by the voluntary work of GWNZ’s members as well as legacy bequests and donations.”

Harriette Jenkins of GWNZ says, “the awards are life-changing and have inter-generational flow-on effects.”

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