A mystery illness has hospitalised 300 people in Andhra Pradesh, India

A mystery illness has hospitalised 300 people in Andhra Pradesh, India

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A mystery illness is under investigation by health officials in India after many hundreds of people have been hospitalised over the weekend.

The illness was first noticed on Saturday.

Patients who experience this illness have symptoms of nausea, vomiting and some who have suffered seizures. Burning eyes was another symptom.

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Health officials do not know if this will affect more people and they’ve made more beds available in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh in India’s southeast side.

300 people so far have been hospitalised, and one person has died.

According to the BBC, 70 people were discharged.

Samples of blood from the patients were taken, and they did not indicate a viral infection.

The infection will not be known until lab results return and reveal what it exactly could be.

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