Aaron Kerr: ‘there are other options’ for predator trapping over aerial 1080 poison operations

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Speaker Aaron Kerr introduced current and new traps to the audience to encourage getting out in the bush and trap more.

“My involvement was going head to head with OSPRI, so this is the head of the operations manager- at the time, I was going through a cancer scare. It was a bit of a double band, but I was determined to do a good to stop it. So, what I did after a second conversation with this guy, he finally admitted that there is by-kill, it is a nasty poison and even admitted his own dog died of it. Within two weeks of that, he stepped down from his position, and we had a local iwi Ngāti Awa, and she found that on the poisoned land map that part of it hadn’t been removed, so that was the grounds to stop it (the drop).”

Source: Lanes Ace Trap (left), Timms Possum Kill Trap (right)

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“There is one thing to stop 1080 if we can, but there are also other options, so I bought a couple of traps here that I thought I’d show you.”

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