ACT Leader David Seymour on ‘failure’ of Government’s COVID Tracer App

ACT Leader David Seymour on ‘failure’ of Government’s COVID Tracer App

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ACT is stating there is confusion ‘reigning’ after patrons at a pub could have been exposed to COVID-19.

“The problem is a total failure of the Government’s NZ COVID Tracer app,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Prime Minister’s ‘team of 5 million’ used the Government’s COVID Tracer app only 675,092 times on Friday. If the average adult went to five places that day, there should have been 20 million scans. In reality, only 2.3 million people have downloaded the app. Even if everyone who has downloaded the app is scanning five times a day, there should be over 11 million scans. The fact is, the app is less than 5 per cent effective.”

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Mr Seymour says there need to be questions asked about how useful the NZ COVID Tracer App really for contact tracing,” said Mr Seymour.

“We have to hope the pub and its patrons were more diligent than the rest of New Zealand, but on average you’d have to expect one-in-twenty used it. If the app has not been effective for tracing a potential outbreak, then what is the point of it, and what will the Government do to replace it?.”

“The purpose of contact tracing is to ensure outbreaks can be traced and isolated without the need for deadening lockdowns. It appears with the NZ COVID Tracer app, we are relying on manual contact tracing, and luck.”

ACT is proposing a ‘Taiwan-esque approach’ to COVID-19, including better contact tracing through better absorption of technology with a Taiwan-style Epidemic Response Unit.


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