Activists dump buckets of Coal at Straterra Wellington offices

Activists dump buckets of Coal at Straterra Wellington offices

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Angry activists disrupted a mining conference at Straterra early this morning, dumping buckets of coal in their central Wellington offices.

Oil-Free Wellington says that ‘this was salt in the wound for Straterra’ – forcing Straterra to cancel their annual conference due to the direct operation planned by the Stop the Mineral coalition.


“Straterra was organising next week’s Mineral’s Forum in Hamilton/Kirikiriroa,” says a Climate Justice Wellington spokesperson.

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“Straterra lobbies to open access for more mining in New Zealand including coal, oil and gas. We are facing a climate, and ecological crisis and Straterra continue to advocate for business as usual. It’s an extractive model, privatising profit, socialising losses – and using the biosphere as a dumping ground. It’s time for a regenerative economy.”

The activists say that Straterra continues to delay meaningful action on climate change.


“But people have the power to disrupt their business as usual and remove their social license to operate, as demonstrated today. We were delighted to hear this afternoon that the Minerals Forum has been cancelled because of the hard work of activists,” says a Climate Justice Wellington spokesperson.

“Stop the Minerals forum Coalition encourages people to still come to Hamilton and join a nonviolent action in support of climate justice next Tuesday (October 13th). We know that people power works – when we stand united and unwavering in our opposition, we can bring real change.”

“We want to acknowledge all of the hard work of climate activists around Aotearoa and the world who have worked relentlessly to stop climate destruction. The momentum and movement for climate justice just keep growing stronger,” concluded the Climate Justice Wellington spokesperson.

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