Activists protest outside Labour Electoral Office in Auckland

Activists protest outside Labour Electoral Office in Auckland

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Activists gathered to protest outside the Labour Electoral Office on New North Road in Morningside on Monday morning in Auckland.

The event was hosted by controversial figures Damien De Ment, Sarah Smith and the NZ Liberty Movement group. Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika, who opposes the lockdowns with wild conspiracies, did not attend or appear to show up in support despite planning his very own ego-protest within the week.

Despite pouring rain and noisy cars driving past, the message was indicated that the Government has to ‘stop’ initiating lockdowns. Lockdowns, however, prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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The Government on February 14 announced that Auckland had to move to Alert Level 3 over three Community Cases, while the rest of New Zealand was moved to Level 2 as a precaution to prevent the virus from spreading.

The prevention method is typically used to ensure new Variants that are more transmissible cannot get further into the community. Another prevention method is to test those who start to feel symptoms that can identify positive cases.


Activists who spoke pleaded to the Government to implement information kiosks at upcoming vaccination centres to ensure someone when entering is comfortable getting the jab while being informed about what Vaccines are and how they work.

If someone were to enter and get the jab, they might not be properly informed about the full process of getting a vaccination to prevent COVID-19, only briefly.

Claims were made that the COVID-19 Pandemic is ‘not real’ when it is very real; there was also a ‘disinformation campaign’ happening to encourage people in getting vaccinated without proper informal processes.


One Police Officer paid a visit over concerns that the activists were protesting dangerously on a sharp roadside bend. They were warned but did not exactly listen to the advice given.

“What I am suggesting is, my concern is obviously you are on a sharp bend of the road here. You are blocked from the view of traffic coming down the hill,” the Police officer in attendance said.

“I see a number of people coming down the middle of the lane, as you can see, it is a dangerous situation.”

The officer attending said Police were monitoring the situation and acknowledged that no social distancing was practised following COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions and rules.

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One activist called the officer a ‘terrorist’ employed by the Government — not acknowledging that he was initially looking out for their safety.


Another Police unit can be seen further back down the road, watching and observing the group.

Editor of the Bulletin Alex Braae from The Spinoff wrote that death metal music was playing.


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That music being played sums up the satanic death cult that are pushing these vaccines on the people. These are the end times so what ever you do don’t take any of the shots aka the mark of the beast.