Advance NZ Facebook page removed for ‘misinformation’

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Michael Stace who is the campaign director for Advance NZ announced that their Facebook page Advance NZ / NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) has been ‘unpublished’ this afternoon.

Co-Leader Billy Te Kahika mentioned 10 hours before the unpublish, on October 14 at 3:42 pm, that his pages will most likely be removed within the next two days.

By coincidence, advertisements were disabled on their page right before the election for being too controversial as the party talks anti-5G, anti-lock-down and anti-vaccines. The party had many warnings beforehand.

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Accordingly, the Advance NZ / NZPP Facebook page was told to pull controversial advertisements that falsely claimed vaccines are mandatory under New Zealand’s law, which it isn’t.

Facebook’s misinformation policy states that it will remove any claims about Covid-19 that could lead someone to get sick or not seek treatment.

There are around 15,000 content reviewers at Facebook who work to remove any misleading information that breaks the Community Standards.

The Electoral Commission says they were not involved in the decision of the page unpublishing.

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