Advance Voting for the 2020 General Elections to start this Saturday

Advance Voting for the 2020 General Elections to start this Saturday

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Advance voting will be starting this Saturday, with nearly 450 places opening their doors for this year’s election and choice referendums.

Around 400,000 voters have yet to enrol. Anyone can enrol at any time including election day.

People that are enrolled by September 13 will already have received their EasyVote card which can make voting a little bit faster than the traditional paper way.

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Hospitals, rest homes, remand centres, prisons, managed isolation or quarantine facilities and New Zealanders living overseas can cast their vote for New Zealand’s 2020 General Elections.

Alicia Wright who is the Chief Electoral Officer says the popularity of advance voting has risen over time steadily — this was also considering 47 per cent of all votes in 2017. This year’s voting could reach up to 60 per cent.

“We’ve responded by opening more advance voting places in the fortnight leading up to election day. On Saturday 10 October, for example, we’ll have about 1,350 voting places open. On election day itself, the number reaches about 2,600.”

“We have voting places in an enormous range of locations, from schools and church halls to mosques, marae, universities, clubrooms and libraries. There are even a camping ground and adventure bike park. And in remote parts of electorates such as East Coast, Northland and West Coast-Tasman, we’ll have pop-ups in retail spaces.”

“Voting places can be found as far north as Te Hapua School near Cape Reinga to the Stewart Island Community Centre in the far south. Our message is to vote early and vote local because it’s more convenient and minimises election day queues, which lessens the risk of COVID-19.”

“We’ll still be running the election as though the country were at Alert Level 2, so there will be physical distancing, use of hand sanitiser, voluntary contact tracing, single-use pens to mark voting papers, and PPE on hand for staff in case it’s needed.”

Voting will close at 7 pm on election day (Saturday, October 17)

For voting times and locations, go to or call 0800 36 76 56.

“Check your local newspaper for a list of voting places and look out for brochures and posters with regional lists of voting places on display throughout the community.”

All Advance voting numbers will be available from Monday to Friday at 2 pm (starting Monday, October 5) — click here to view that information.

A complete list of all voting places and booths can be found by clicking here.

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Image: elections nz website

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