Air Chathams announces COVID-19 Alert Level 2 & 3 schedule updates

Air Chathams announces COVID-19 Alert Level 2 & 3 schedule updates

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Air Chathams has announced their new schedule to media about the current COVID-19 Alert Levels two (for New Zealand) and three (for Auckland Region).

Flights are operating today, Wednesday 12th August with additional capacity and some changes.

Some flights may need to be cancelled due to the Alert Level 2 & 3 restrictions. Where a flight is cancelled, customers will be contacted directly with available options, which depending on the circumstances may include additional options.

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“We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

The website for Air Chathams will be updated to match with the most up-to-date information. You can check the Flight Status page for the latest flight information. Facemasks will be made compulsory on all countrywide flights.

“If you are due to travel to/from Auckland and wish to change your travel plans, you have a number of options available including an alternative flight in the next 14 days or a credit voucher.”

Who can travel during Alert Level 3 (Auckland)? You’re allowed to travel if: 
  • You need to get home (e.g. you ordinarily live in Auckland and need to get back from another region of New Zealand, or you need to leave Auckland to get to your home in another region)
  • You are travelling to provide an essential service or business
  • You are transiting Auckland Airport to leave the country or to go to another domestic destination. If transiting through Auckland Airport you should not leave the airport precinct.
  • You are travelling to give effect to a Court Order.

For travel between all other regions excluding Auckland, you can travel, but do it in a safe way and remember to keep a record of your journey.

Scheduled flights connecting Auckland with Whanganui, Whakatane and the Kapiti Coast have been cancelled for Thursday and Friday this week only.

All other services after midnight Friday will continue as scheduled unless restrictions on travel are extended by the government. Our team are in the process of contacting customers to assist with travel changes.

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