Air NZ World Premiere takes off ft. SIX60

Air NZ World Premiere takes off ft. SIX60

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Air New Zealand’s World Premiere in the Air departed Auckland’s Airport, taking a ‘planeload’ of fans and SIX60 with them to Dunedin.

The band SIX60 originated in Dunedin. The flight, numbered NZ660, will air the world premiere of a new film; Julia Parnell calls it SIX60: Till the Lights Go Out.

The passengers travelling on the flight were treated to a surprise performance at the gate lounge in Auckland. They are the very first in the world to see the film.

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Air New Zealand’s Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty say the airline is thrilled to host the world premiere of the film inflight.

“We’re so excited to be operating this special flight today to premiere the film, celebrate SIX60’s phenomenal success, and acknowledge our customers for their support throughout this year.

“The fact that tickets sold out in just seven hours is a reflection of the band’s popularity and how proud we are of them as Kiwis.”

“We specifically built the package around a one-way ticket to Dunedin as a way of supporting tourism to the city and the region.”

Matiu Walters from SIX60 says they love new challenges and are always trying to push the boundaries.

“We are so stoked to be hosting the very first World Premiere in the Air. To be able to have the opportunity to fly alongside a planeload of fans back to Dunedin where it all began for us feels really special,” said Matiu Walters.

“This is the first time fans will be able to check out SIX60: Till The Lights Go Out, so it definitely feels like a day of firsts!”

Image: SUPPLIED/network

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