Animal rights activists plan to protest at the Canterbury Rodeo next week

Animal rights activists plan to protest at the Canterbury Rodeo next week

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SAFE New Zealand is planning to protest at the Canterbury Rodeo next week.

Canterbury’s Rodeo is part of the annual rodeo season. Last season two animals were killed, both dying at the Mad Bull rodeo in Otago.

Spokesperson Will Appelbe for SAFE says the events cause pain, fear and distress to the animals involved.

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“Every year, rodeo events cause torn ligaments, broken bones, bruising and internal damage,” Appelbe said. “The injuries can be so severe that bulls and horses are killed.”

“Our message to locals is to skip the rodeo and join us as we stand against the rodeo’s violence and bullying towards animals.”

A petition launched earlier in the year called for a ban of the ‘worst’ aspects the rodeo brings, directing it at Hon Meka Whaitiri who asked the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee to generate a report on the rodeo.

“In 2017, the Labour Party promised to ban some of the worst aspects of rodeo. Voters have now given them a clear mandate, and action is long overdue,” said Appelbe.

“Rodeos are inconsistent with Kiwi values. We encourage all New Zealanders to send a clear message to the Government by signing our petition.”


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