Another success, 1080 information evening at Levin RSA

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Another success for the Levin RSA 1080 information evening that happened on Tuesday about the upcoming Tararua Ranges 1080 Poison Aerial Drop after having a successful meet previously at Manakau Hall on 22nd July 2020 that seen roughly 50 people attend.

Select speakers expressed their concerns & solutions they know about 1080 poison. A cease and desist was signed after the event & has been sent to the appropriate corporations and organizations to stop the Tararua Ranges Aerial Drop.

New faces attended the event, tagging along and getting an idea of what’s in store for them. When social media joins together, people gather in real life if they’re just as concerned about the dangerous poison being spread around New Zealand, killing bio-diverse life. 


Source: Sam Hudson - Audience

Mainstream media try to call groups like these attending ‘protestors’ or ‘anti-1080’ members, but that isn’t the truth. People involved are wanting to come together and are willing to talk about their story and experiences to others.

It’s a shame official representatives are not willing to attend peaceful events; it’s no wonder why DOC and OSPRI have a terrible name for responding to events like this.

If representatives attended, they would have the microphone, and the audience would listen in to hear what they have to say. Unfortunately, it’s the money that disembarks the people and corporations from talking to each other to develop new ideas and solutions.

Source: Sam Hudson - Levin RSA Sign

Organizers holding the event at the Levin RSA event had asked DOC and OSPRI representatives to attend the event so they can better understand the concerns people have.

As far as thisquality understood, no representatives from either organization attended after being invited from calling and emailing by the organizers. thisquality also had attempted to encourage DOC and OSPRI but got no response.

Candidates for each political party of which attended; Michael Feyen for NZPP (NZ Peoples Party/Advance NZ), Mike ILES and Michael Kay for Attica Project, Kiri Mckee and Sue Grey (on video) for Outdoors Party discussed new ideas and stories to the audience including solutions to better understand what 1080 poison is. The risks are also surrounding the aerial drops over New Zealand too.

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