Around 78,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts removed

Around 78,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts removed

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More than 78,000 Facebook and Instagram accounts were removed for posting QAnon content, including ‘militarised social movements’ since August 2020.

Facebook said in a statement: “From August to November 30, 2020, we removed about 3,200 Pages, 18,800 groups, 100 events, 23,300 Facebook profiles and 7,400 Instagram accounts for violating our policy against militarised social movements.”

Simultaneously, the ban wave consisted of around 3,000 Facebook pages, 9,800 groups, 420 events, 16,200 Facebook profiles, and 25,000 Instagram accounts becoming removed for violating the company policy against QAnon.

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As of January 12, 2021, over 890 militarised social movements according to Facebook to date have been identified and in total, about 3,400 pages, 19,500 groups, 120 events, 25,300 Facebook profiles and 7500 Instagram accounts. “We’ve also removed about 3,300 Pages, 10,500 groups, 510 events, 18,300 Facebook profiles and 27,300.”

Facebook says they are continuing to enforce the policy.

“We continue to strengthen our enforcement by identifying additional militarised social movements, new terms associated with QAnon and how people attempt to skirt our detection, including focusing more on Facebook profiles used to organise and promote these movements and groups on our platform.”


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