Arts Illuminarti – A Conspiracy of Artists

Arts Illuminarti – A Conspiracy of Artists

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On November 28 of this year, a one-day event of Arts illumination will be seen in action.

The event will encourage creative participation and new network connections, to strive for a blatant agenda of creative activity.

Artists will all conspire to create a mural fusion type work that will stay behind leaving a legacy of alternative art, which contributes to the Village’s reputation as a stimulating destination of grassroots Arts and Culture.

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Illuminarti is an antithesis to the mind-numbing negative conspiracy theories, politics, and mass hysteria around the country and world. During these ‘seemingly’ dark times, there needs to be illumination through the arts.

The Illuminarti project will infiltrate the Big V to ‘Illuminate’ spaces on a day where a cabal of artists and audience become one. Focused on a 3D installation/mural fusion highlighting the many interesting and innovative projections between these areas.

The two featured exhibitions in both Galleries will blow the minds of the visitors.

112 will feature identically sized artworks from over 80 artists and a huge number of creative technique and style. If the trend from past shows (109, 110 and 111) continues, this launch will trigger a stampede of the best Christmas shopping ever.

The event will be held at The Village Cinema (The Historic Village, 17th Avenue, Tauranga)


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