ASB Showgrounds and many other venues to turn all lights red on evening of September 30

ASB Showgrounds and many other venues to turn all lights red on evening of September 30

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ASB Showgrounds is New Zealand’s largest events and exhibition centre. After six months of absolutely no events at the ASB Showgrounds, they’ve seemed to sustain a multi-million-dollar loss.

On September 30th, during the evening, venues all over the world will accordingly light up with red colours in support of the thousands of people,e who work in an industry that was hit hard by COVID-19 lockdowns and the gather limitations.

The outside of the venues will show red lighting sending the ‘powerful message’ of support.

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Red waves of lights will first start at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds, then SkyCity Auckland, Eden Park, Spark Arena and hundreds of other venues around the country.

The message is to show and tell the world that New Zealand is on red alert for the survival of the current pandemic that the whole world faces.

Venues like ASB Showgrounds were the first affected around the whole world since COVID-19 limited mass gatherings, for New Zealand, it started in March of this year.

“It has been over six months since the business has stopped and we have yet to receive any support from the Government. Like many venues, the ASB Showgrounds is in survival mode and hanging on by a thread,” said the ASB Showgrounds to media.

The ASB Showgrounds isn’t a for-profit organization, and they are not able to afford another lockdown level change without support.

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