ATTICA Candidate Michael Kay answers question about soil


Authorised by Michael Kay, 58 Gleeson Rd, Manakau on behalf of ATTICA

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ATTICA Otaki Candidate Michael Kay answers a question from the audience about class one soil and how it can be stopped from being turned into residential.

Michael says, “The big thing with class one soils and keeping them is that it does come from us being able to all organise how our soils are used.”

Introducing local labs, which is a policy from ATTICA that shows the national guidelines haven’t helped — prioritising other people than ‘us’ says Michael Kay.

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“There is talk in council, half of the councillors want to keep them, and the other half want to turn that big area back in there up to two and a half thousand houses. That’s not good.”

He says that the self-organisation in the communities is what Michael thinks will work, stating that policy cannot set it’s self properly.

In many of the EU countries, they have a policy with local labs.

“This model of setting policies from above is over, it’s neoliberalism, it’s gone, and we’ve got to acknowledge it. Especially now, we’ve got to rebuild,” said Michael Kay.

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