Attica Project Education Policy – Tomorrow Schools Model

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Attica Project Board Member Calli Valudos speaks about the tomorrow schools model from the Education policy. Calli Valudos is a teacher/educator and has been for the last 30 years, ensuring all comments were fact-checked.

“What we are basically doing is going back to the pre-tomorrow schools model [b’s b’s model] from the 1940s which is very similar to the current finish model of education which has been highly accumulated as probably the best education system in the world,” said Calli.


Directing the bureaucratic funding towards a ‘chalkface’ would make a huge difference for a lot of students. Attica Project will be looking at enforcing proper teacher training as part of the policy, ensuring every student gets the right teaching so they can succeed for the future to come.

“We know what to do because we’ve done it before so what we are wanting to do is go back to what we know works and leave behind the neo-liberal position on education.

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This article is authorised by Michael Kay, 58 Gleeson Road, Manakau 

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