Attica Project Policy in under 2 minutes teaser

Last Updated: 1 month ago

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Attica Project announced a new short series starring candidate for Ōtaki Michael Kay attempting to narrow down Policy in under two minutes.

The teaser just shows what happened behind the scenes while filming from pens dropping, to the director making sure everything said is on point with what Attica Project stands for.

Some of the Policy that Attica Project as a group plans to record in short fun ‘under two-minute’ shorts, really is going to be a challenge to get a part of policy correct by only reading off notes behind the camera, spurring it out in their own words with no script to describe what each one stands for.

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This really drives for entertainment in politics and brings back the excitement for the audience.

Giving each candidate, board member and supporters a chance to express their idea of a Policy related to the Attica Project.

Perfecting it in one go isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially when technical difficulties occur every so often. 

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