ATTICA visits Paraparaumu Beach markets, supporting localism


Authorised by Michael Kay, 58 Gleeson Rd, Manakau on behalf of ATTICA

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ATTICA and the team visited Kapiti Coasts Paraparaumu Beach markets to finally get outside and speak to people who are also enjoying the freedom that COVID-19 Lockdown Alert Level 1 brings, where it’s only worthwhile to keep a safe distance from people you don’t know while out and about.

The members from the political group who attended are Otaki Candidate Michael Kay, Mana Candidate Mike ILES and Calli Valudos who is ATTICA’s Board Member.

The team hopes that smaller parties have a chance to campaign as the COVID-19 lockdown levels have limited campaigning and ruined the only way to get more known for what they promote in terms of the policy.

Stallholders at the event were lucky to hold on as the weather didn’t turn out to be the best during the morning on Saturday; further sun shining towards midday. It’s the only chance they have after the limitations were lifted to earn a living and thrive on selling their quality produce and products that are locally sourced, grown or made.

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The political group ATTICA believes that connecting people is the only way we can get out and get the economy going again.

It was an excellent chance for ATTICA to promote what they’re doing to locals in the area. They were either willing to take a brochure with all the information or kindly apologise for moving on, either way, the team at ATTICA enjoyed the first-ever day out promoting their party since COVID-19 struck New Zealand.

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