Auckland Woman fined $31,500 for possession of selling edible Bird’s Nests

Auckland Woman fined $31,500 for possession of selling edible Bird’s Nests

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An Auckland salesperson has been fined $31,500 for possession of selling unauthorised dry edible bird’s nests.

After a Ministry of Primary Industries (MP) investigation, they found the person sold nests through social media channel WeChat.

The name of the person selling the nests is 30-year-old Linying Ouyang.

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Ouyang was sentenced yesterday in the Waitakere District Court. She pleaded guilty to three charges under the Biosecurity Act 1993.

National Manager of Compliance Investigations, Ron Scott, says the offending was premeditated.

“Bird’s nests are a Chinese delicacy made from the saliva of the Swiftlet bird. Swiftlets can carry avian diseases, and are a biosecurity risk. This is why untreated product is not allowed into New Zealand,” said Mr Scott.

The charges relate to incidents that played out between May 8 and November 25 of 2019 where a search warrant was executed at Ouyang’s address.

A laptop and cellphone were seized for investigation with records that contained WeChat conversations.

The edible bird’s nests had a total worth of $765.


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