Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff releases statement on COVID-19 community case

Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff releases statement on COVID-19 community case

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Auckland’s mayor Phil Goff is reminding all Aucklanders to continue following official health guidelines following the recent announcement of a new community case of COVID-19.

The new case is a man and is a ports worker that returned a positive test yesterday afternoon. The man was likely to be infections on October 14 and 15.  The man stayed in New Plymouth at two different places, but they have since been deep cleaned.

The man lives in Auckland but also did work in New Plymouth. He drove to New Plymouth by himself on Tuesday, October 13, which means there is a limited number of close contacts.

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On Wednesday (October 14) he did some working at a ship at the port, he then checked into a different accommodation but then decided he’d travel back to Auckland on Wednesday evening and was at home on Thursday (October 15).

“With the virus rampant around the world, there is an ongoing risk of transmission at the border. What is important is that we have the systems in place to ensure those cases are detected early, and that is what has happened here,” said Mr Goff.

“We all know what to do: get a test if you feel sick, follow good hygiene practices including regular hand washing, and keep track of your movements with the NZ COVID Tracer app.”

“This approach has worked successfully so far, and it will work again. This case has been caught early, which indicates that the system is working exactly as it should be. Be vigilant, follow the rules and look out for one another.”

The Ministry of Health said today that the new case is another reminder that COVID-19 is not going away any time soon.

The new community case shows how contact tracing systems are working to identify cases. “We have a clear line of investigation as to the source of this person’s infection,” said the Ministry.


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