Aussie PM Scott Morrison calls out NZ Government, ‘align more’ against China – video

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called out the New Zealand Government telling them to ‘align more’ against Chinas’ regime on Sky News.

On February 1 in a Sky News TV conference, Mr Morrison asked that the Labour Party of New Zealand ‘stick together’ with Five Eyes that is lead by the United States intelligence network.

The Five Eyes includes new Zealand, Australia, Britain and Canada who rally against China.

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The interviewer, Paul Murray, asked if the Australian PM was at-all concerned that New Zealand has recently been changing ‘priorities’ — “How important is it that New Zealand is all in on Five Eyes [and] not trying to keep an eye somewhere else as well?”

Mr Morrison responded: “The Five Eyes is really important, and so are liberal market democracies. All of these countries need to align more on security issues and intelligence in opposition to authoritarian.”

Adding that there needs to be a ‘teamwork’ in order to continue maintaining vigilance.

Image/Video: SUPPLIED/Sky News

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