Australian Journalist Avi Yemini arrested for reporting at Invasion Day Rally

Australian Journalist Avi Yemini arrested for reporting at Invasion Day Rally

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Journalist Avi Yemini, the Australian reporter for Rebel News, has been arrested for allegedly breaching the peace while reporting at Melbournes’ Invasion Day Rally on Tuesday.

A video surfaced online to the Rebel News YouTube channel of Yemini recording in the back of a police vehicle.

“I am right now in the back of a police car. I have been arrested for what they allege is a breach of the peace,” said Yemini.

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“The breach was I attended the so-called invasion day protest to report, to do my job. I came with my accredited national, federal accreditation from the Government. Both cameramen had the same accreditation from the federal government.”

Yemini and his team hired two security guards over claims from last year that police arrested him for ‘his own’ protection while reporting for TR News. He became surrounded by a large group of protestors in an attempt to do interviews. Later being escorted out by police.

“We had two security guards who were here to protect us because last year they claimed they arrested me for my own protection,” said Yemini.

He says that police were taking him to an undisclosed location and is not sure if he is going to be charged.

Image: SUPPLIED/Rebel News

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