Benedict Cumberbatch claims that he is COVID-19 ‘patient zero’

Benedict Cumberbatch claims that he is COVID-19 ‘patient zero’

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Famous British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, made claims that he is ‘patient zero’ of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

He flew from South Africa alleging that he helped spread COVID-19 around the world before cases started to emerge.

Cumberbatch visited New Zealand with his wife, three sons and parents, who are in their 80s during Alert level 4 lockdown at the start of last year. As part of visiting he filmed The Power of the Dog with Kiwi director Jane Campion.


Accidentally, he got caught in border closures while working on the film; fortunately able to be stuck in the country.

The actor said he started to gain symptoms when the virus suddenly started to spread worldwide during the new year. He was sick at the end of 2019. reports that he explained during a talk to them: “I was incredibly ill, to the point that when all this COVID stuff suddenly broke in the new year, I was thinking, ‘Oh my god was I actually patient zero?’” he says. “I was so ill – it was borderline pneumonia,” he added.

His schedule for filming forced him to continue chugging along despite being ill. Between takes, he found himself ‘throwing up’ — after recalling.

Other stars such as Hugh Grant and Gwyneth Paltrow have also claimed they were patient zero of the Coronavirus.


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