Bettina: ‘There is no law to protect our waterways’ from 1080 Poison Drops

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Speaker Bettina attending the event, wants everyone to know that they have the right to clean and safe food & water. She feels that dropping 1080 across the Tararua Ranges would breach that right because the water supply comes from there.

“There is no law to protect our waterways. They proposed to drop over streams and waterways, and this has been confirmed on the phone to one of the women who work with us. They have said that there are no buffer areas, we need to protect our rights to safe water, and there are no long term studies on the effects of sub-lethal doses to human health. The manufactures label (for 1080) states that 1080 can cause reproductive and developmental damage to growing fetuses.”

“Study data shows that single or repeated sub-lethal doses of 1080 can cause these reproductive and developmental damages.”

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“1080 caused developmental defects in fetal rats when pregnant female rats were exposed to relatively high doses of 1080 on a daily bases during days three to seventeen of gestation; this is when a significant proportion of fetal development occurs. 1080 is also a proven endocrine disrupter that parts upon the body’s major organs.

“The manufacture stated that the safety data sheet is highly toxic to all life.”

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