Bicycle thieves on the loose in Christchurch, Police investigating

Bicycle thieves on the loose in Christchurch, Police investigating

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Canterbury Police have asked people to remain vigilant while looking to buy bicycles online after a group of mischief thieves stole a number of bikes in the area over the last few weeks.

Two responsible have so far been arrested for a large number of bicycle thiefts. Police are actively investigating numerous other thieves.

Most of the bikes are being sold on Facebook Marketplace as thisquality understands.

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Detective Senior Sergeant Damon Wells gave some recommendations: “We’d recommend you purchase from authentic sellers and genuine retailers, and websites based in New Zealand.”

“If you’re purchasing from an individual, we suggest you request proof of ownership, or perhaps some form of ID. If the seller is not able to or refuses to provide these, it’s possible the item may be stolen,” said Sergeant Wells.

“Generally speaking, if the deal is too good to be true, it often is. If you own a bike, please ensure you record the serial number, keep a copy safe, and upload to”

“If you purchase a bike, please ensure you record these details as well. Also, consider a high-quality D-lock or similar to deter would-be thieves.”


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