Big media frames Alex Jones for saying he ‘would eat his neighbors’ over Coronavirus pandemic

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Alex Jones is well known for being the most shadowbanned person on the internet for his conspiracy & satire broadcasts. Alex Jones is a far-right radio show host for his show called The Alex Jones Show based in Austin, Texas (USA).

On Aug 6th 2018, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Spotify, and Apple banned Alex Jones from using their platforms for his conspiracy theories.

Ever since the ban, the media has framed and slammed Alex Jones. Alex has had no platform to defend himself except his website “InfoWars”

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Alex Jones is known to make meme or joke content to get his word out on other social platforms that he is banned on.

The big media are at it making Alex jones the “big trouble” of the internet for joking around due to his well-known meme tactic that gets his banned content shared to other social media corps.

This is what the media cut out of their articles at the end, Alex says he’s just joking!



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