Big Tech at a loss of $51 Billion Market Value since ban waves of accounts

Big Tech at a loss of $51 Billion Market Value since ban waves of accounts

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Big Tech is at a loss of $51 billion since there was a large ban wave of accounts and mass censorship.

Giants Twitter, Facebook combined had their market value lost during the last two trade seasons following the banning of Donald J. Trump and many other high profile accounts since the January 6 Capitol breaches.

Trump told protestors to go home on Twitter before being banned, saying the violence was a heinous attack on January 7. Big Tech heavily censored the video from getting anywhere, even YouTube.


Twitter first placed restrictions on the video before both Twitter and Facebook temporarily suspended his account. On Twitter, two days later, the President’s account was permanently suspended over two posts that were marked as violating the company policies.

Any accounts that mentioned Trump or were pro-Trump were suspended from Twitter and Facebook. thisquality became victim to the ban wave for most likely posting the President’s video to our website and re-sharing the publication.

According to Wikipedia, over 70,000 ‘QAnon’ accounts were suspended or removed from Twitter on January 11 for inciting violence or spreading conspiracies.

The CEO of thisquality, Sam Hudson, is filing a legal challenge over the ban deeming it wrong to do so over Current Affairs restrictions of privately owned assets that are not hosted on Twitter’s platform.

The ban of @thisquality owned Twitter account (and CEO @SamQHudson account) meant the company had all rights to suspend but the content was not hosted on their platform(s).

The links were deemed as a censored product. A ban on Current Affairs news to New Zealanders has to go through a review process with the chief of censor in order for the content to be ‘illegal’ to watch or be removed online regardless of Big Tech suspensions or bans.


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