Billy Te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood admit $200,000 business loan fraud – video

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Billy Te Kahika says an investor is now ‘spooked’ over a housing investment valued at $200,000.

Mr Kahika spent $160,000 on a 2020 Land Rover Discovery with the $200,000 given to him. It was also spent on a political movement for the 2020 General Elections.

The money was not meant to be spent on both the SUV or movement.

Conspiracy Theorist Vinny Eastwood was sent a $4,699 Sony camera during October of 2020 by the investor. It was to be used for filming ‘homeless’ in Northland in-connection with Mr Kahika’s Indigenous Business Consultants ‘housing project’.

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It was to be used for filming ‘homeless’ in Northland in-connection with Mr Kahika’s Indigenous Business Consultants ‘housing project’. However, Mr Kahika takes credit for ‘buying’ the camera.

The camera was purchased on October 10 of 2020. Mr Eastwood confirmed on October 13 that he received the camera in an email reply to the investor.

The investor confirmed to thisquality that the purchase of the camera was part of a loan to IBC (Fake company; IBC Construction Limited).

Video footage was to be obtained by IBC, highlighting the ‘third-world status’ of the housing crisis in New Zealand.

CEO Sam Hudson contacted Mr Eastwood for questioning to get official answers. He continuously said he’d prefer to do it over Skype, live, and record the call, avoiding every question asked about the $4,700 Sony camera.

Image: SUPPLIED/Video

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This conversation was silly, please go on Skype and ask Mr Eastwood politely rather than trying to frame him. Yeah he kept begging for money so I’m not surprised when he got burnt by it as a way to discredit him. Looks like he wants an out but you are cornering him instead.

Wow this page has the most bullshit lies more than lieshub stop being petty lil high school ***** and report **** that’s actually TRUE!! you’re lies about Billy ain’t fooling us!!!!

This comment was amended by an independent Managed Conservation Platform (MCP) employee.
Reason: Bad language Time: 5:37 pm NZT on 13.02.21

Is the MCP the Tauiwi Tautoko crew? You got mod status on what was a conspiracy site? Young Sam’s leaning quickly, eh! Ka pai!

They are dodgy as con men and fools like you fell for it hook line and sinker.

So why did you not simply go to Skype and record the answers as he ( Vinnie) offered to do and add that here? ?

Cause there stick in high school mode spreading rumours that aren’t true!