Billy Te Kahika deletes livestream trying to defend himself over Kaeo Office statement – video

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Online influencer, Billy Te Kahika, deleted his livestream which was an attempt to defend himself against Kaeo Office of Taitokeraus’ video which explains that he has been kicked out of Waitangi over disrespect and dishonesty.

Mr Kahika has ultimately disrespected the 1835 He Whakaputanga (Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand) document in an attempt to ‘take it over’ for the people of his political movement NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) whilst using them as money bags for his own gain.

Image: SUPPLIED/Facebook (Billy Te Kahika)


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Billy maybe you and the Kaeo group should get together and talk about this instead of talking about past politicians here in this pod cast…
Get to the point.

The nz herald gets people to donate so this man ain’t no different from being money bags to the people.

not like this man does Troy, he does stay in 4/5 star hotels, buys brand new land rovers etc…. on your tax paid income