Billy Te Kahika faces Electoral Commission and Business Loan investigations – video

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Conspiracy Theorist Billy Te Kahika confirmed he is under an active investigation in one of his live streams. He is a ‘second referral’ to Police in a statement from the Electoral Commission.

The statement was about the Māori Party failing to declare nearly $330k of donations. A separate referral was noted, which is confirmed to be Mr Kahika.

He’d received two large donations from someone that thisquality cannot legally reveal and allegedly spent it on flights, hotels and events throughout the 2020 General Elections. When it come to declaring the donations, it was allegedly not recorded from three different bank accounts that the money went into.



Mr Kahika also did not get money out of thin air in advertising with his Producer known as Conspiracy Theorist Vinny Eastwood after he was found out to have been paid $1,000 a month doing interviews with Mr Kahika.

thisquality understands that the Electoral Commission did not take action for this. Promoter statements were not provided on past content but they were let off the hook. Mr Kahika, once being a politician, was required to show promoter statements.


thisquality has been investigating Mr Kahika since October 2020. It was found that he took $200k off an investor meant to be for a housing development in Northland. The money was spent on a $160,000 2020 Land Rover Discovery and his political movement.

After quitting his bogus freedom movement, he admitted to a Stuff Journalist that he was under investigation but due to the active probe about the $200k he cannot speak about it in the public domain.

If the investor were under criminal insight, Mr Kahika would not have been given a $200k investment.


Stuff undermined the reporting of thisquality after conducting an independent investigation first.

In a publication, they said allegations were ‘rejected’ – this is false. The allegations made it to Wikipedia following one of the active investigations.


A fake business was set up in order to trick the investor into believing that it was for the housing project.


IBC Construction Limited was reserved under another name that thisquality cannot legally reveal. It was someone he worked with.


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