Billy Te Kahika interviewed by thisquality Founder Sam Hudson

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Billy Te Kahika, who is the co-leader of Advance NZ and leader for NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) has taken his time to be interviewed by thisquality Founder Sam Hudson. 

However, Michael Stace (Campaign director for Advance NZ), who was impressed with the interview that Sam Hudson did with him at a Wellington Protest, encouraged Billy Te Kahika to jump on the bandwagon and spit some responses back to questions in detail, getting personal and upright with straight-up answers for the audience to determine what's decided next.

The whole response was an excellent opportunity to have a civil interview without childish antics that the mainstream media follow when it comes to political figures in the space of the New Zealand political spectrum.

Billy Te Kahika is a figure that's recently barged into the political world from no-where and has amassed a large following of 15,990 on his page and 38,731 followers on his political page Advance NZ / NZPP (New Zealand Public Party). 

Before NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) was associated with AdvanceNZ, media coverage sparked interest because of a recent merger event they held with Advance NZ and former National MP Jami-Lee Ross, who created Advance NZ was kicked out of the National Party.

An event pitched as a merger held on July 26, 2020, of Advance NZ and the NZ Public Party. The merge of Advance NZ with NZPP (New Zealand Public Party) will keep their own identity and board, but stand single candidates under a shared party list as Advance NZ.

The Leader of NZPP (New Zealand Public Party), Billy Te Kahika is standing as a candidate in Te Tai Tokerau for NZPP (New Zealand Public Party), while all other candidates will stand under Advance NZ.

Billy Te Kahika holds several views which would accurately be labelled as conspiracy theories on a range of cases, with the idea between them all being the belief that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is being used by global organisations and governments to strip the public of their civil human rights for good and to run a mass surveillance programme.

How concerned people questioned the rise of his popularity that he'd paid for his followers to cheat the social media system.

Although, this is a theory spread on social media by Anti-Billy Te Kahika followers and may not be accurate or proven yet. Billy Te Kahika says he really wishes it was a ‘bad dream.'

“I'm not happy about having to do it, but I'm happy to be doing it to help people realise what this Government is up to,” said Billy Te Kahika.

Local papers like the Gisborne Herald showed fulled up public meetings in halls and venues around the country.

The interview is one hour and two minutes long.

However, topics discussed other than the rise of his fame and the world of his political spectrum, other issues were answered about the environment, economy plans to recover New Zealand if he was to get into parliament, mainstream media bias and of course, conspiracies.

Billy Te Kahkika also explains his situation regarding the China UN relationships, and, meeting Helen Clark to get money off of her for indigenous events. Te Kahika has had a long spiral of events play out in his lifetime.

The interview will spark a lot of interest to get to know Billy Te Kahika as a political figure and personality behind the scenes.  

This interview is not paid for nor endorsed by NZPP or AdvanceNZ.

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If you liked this publication, please consider donating to thisquality. Fund trustworthy news from official government and independent newswires around New Zealand.