Billy Te Kahika leaves Advance NZ

Billy Te Kahika leaves Advance NZ

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Billy Te Kahika, who is the leader of the New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) has left the political party Advance NZ, of which he was the co-leader, after a wild ride of a conspiracy that involved drama and media outlaw leading to an ultimate loss not making it into parliament.

This loss was after the crusher landslide win from Labour putting the fire out.

Earlier yesterday evening Billy Te Kahika informed Advance NZ candidates that he has chosen to not continue with Advance NZ and will be moving back to NZPP.

The leaving was due to the miscommunication between co-leader Jami-Lee Ross and ex co-leader Billy Te Kahika which lead to them not speaking to each other since election day.

In an email, Jami-Lee Ross expressed his final emotion of the controversial fanbase that he and Billy Te Kahika created.

“Naturally, this is sad for us all, given the huge effort we all put into the 2020 Election Campaign,” said Jami-Lee Ross.

“Billy has inspired many people around New Zealand, and I will forever be grateful for the time working alongside him after he chose to join with Advance NZ for the election.”

Jami-Lee Ross says that it is not the end for Advance NZ as a party as they will be continuing to do the work needed to plan and prepare for the 2023 General Elections.

The Advance NZ party's weakness was everything being rushed and doing most things too much in a hurry — they are aiming to be more democratic, transparent and be more of a professional party that their candidates, members and supporters ‘deserve' to have.

On the other hand, Billy Te Kahika after being in a meeting all morning, supposably due to leaving Advance NZ says in a live stream that the meeting was for him to learn about ‘important law stuff' and about what he and his party NZPP has to do to stand up against the ‘corrupt government'.

“Number one is, I will forever be a mate and a friend to our brother Jami-Lee Ross. Advance New Zealand was a fantastic home for us while we lead up to the campaign to contest it and there were some things that brother Jami-Lee and I obviously shared opinions on and a number of things that we didn't,” said Billy Te Kahika.

“One thing that's really important that I've always said from day one is that this is not my movement, not anyone else's movement to do what we will, and this movement was born out of calling things out in a language that we can all understand that simply put, that, this message we gave earlier on in New Zealand Public Party was the people's message.”

Billy Te Kahika says the message was about being based on observations about what threats were made to peoples personal and national sovereignty — this included the concerns during the COVID-19 lockdowns, specifically from him doing live streams on his personal Facebook page, which gained traction.

“The movement was born out of our concerns to what we could see with false information that the government was using to lock us down and to keep us locked down and to also road our rights and freedoms and our democratic processes in government.”

A speel about how the movement of both NZPP and Advance NZ supporters was born out of commenting around Prime Minister Jacinda Arderns commitment of her Government to see the full implementation of the united nations ‘agenda 21 sustainable development' or an ‘agenda 2030'.

“Our New Zealand Public Party movement was a true and honest movement and a simple movement. That doesn't take away from anything that we did with Advance New Zealand, I believe in it, I stand by it, but what we have is; my brother Jami-Lee; he has a particular approach that he wants to go down.”

“We have an approach that we need to stay honest and committed too. If we change anything of the core of the New Zealand Public Party movement, if we change that something else, that something else I will not be apart of personally. If we cannot stand there say what needs to be said, to say the things that people in this system don't want us to say, if we can't that and call these things out, then I am not prepared to be a part of any movement that won't do that,” said Billy Te Kahika.

The next plan for Mr Te Kahika is to now get teams of people to be ‘researchers' working for NZPP to make sure statements they say online are one hundred per cent correct before publishing.

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