Billy Te Kahika visited business within last 11 days following Northland COVID-19 Community Case

Billy Te Kahika visited business within last 11 days following Northland COVID-19 Community Case

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Online influencer Billy Te Kahika visited a business following the recent Northland COVID-19 Community Case announcement.

A list was revealed detailing the locations of where a 56-year-old woman went too, who was confirmed as the Community Case. One location of interest was Fat Camel Cafe.

The woman attended the Cafe on January 15 between the times of 11:34 am to 1:34 pm. It is not exactly known or confirmed if Mr Kahika visited the Cafe during this same timeframe or day. When thisquality contacted the Cafe management for comment, it was acknowledged that he did visit twice within the last 11 days.

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On Tuesday, September 8 of 2020, images show a fan-flared meetup taking place at the Cafe while Advance New Zealand and New Zealand Public Party were combined.

This image taken was before the departure of Jami-Lee Ross’s Advance New Zealand alliance with New Zealand Public Party.

“Its well known by NZPP members that the Fat Camel was used as a base for people to meet with billy at this cafe in the past,” wrote the source.


At the same location, an interview of Mr Kahika with Mediaworks according to insider information was conducted.

Fat Camel Cafe management said to thisquality that they have no affiliation with Mr Kahika.

“We have no association, affiliation, or share any ideology ideas with [Mr Kahika],” said management.

The business is clear to stay open and is working closely with Northland and Auckland’s DHB Health officials regarding potential close contacts.

Management wished the 56-year-old woman a speedy recovery. “There is other businesses in the same boat. It is very important to listen to what the health departments and what the people who contact you recommend and following the guidance.”

Fat Camel Cafe was not worried about having to close down over to the Community Case. They said that there is no worries because appropriate safety precautions such as hand sanitiser and QR code tracking are being used to prevent the virus from spreading.

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If you happen to live near the Fat Camel Cafe, be sure to visit them and support small businesses as much as possible during this time. Try their delicious foods out, and have a great time while attending. Get to know the people behind the counter who are keeping your experience safe while eating out.

To ensure your visit is safe to not just Fat Camel Cafe, any business in general; turn on Bluetooth tracking in the NZ COVID Tracer App, scan the QR codes as directed and use supplied sanitiser before entering to ensure you and everyone around you is safe.

This gives a guarantee that Health Officials can contact you quickly, allowing the business to stay open without further risk to the community and finding potential close contacts easily and quickly to tell them to self-isolate if-need-be.

Billy Te Kahika was contacted for comment and is yet to give a response.


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