Billy Te Kahika’s $160,000 2020 Land Rover Discovery misery

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This publication was last modified on 18.02.21 for legal purposes.

Online live stream influencer and known by the media as a Conspiracy Theorist, Billy Te Kahika, spent NZD $160,000 on a 2020 Land Rover Discovery. The purchase lead to ‘financial uncertainties' and misery.

During September of 2020, Mr Kahika purchased the brand new Land Rover Discovery after he was allegedly given $200,000 from an investor of his Indigenous Business Consultants (IBC) company.

According to Ex Party Director Michael Stace, the money was meant to be used for a job not related to the New Zealand Public Party (NZPP) political movement.

Source: CC/ Facebook

Mr Kahika claimed in a Facebook statement on December 25, 2020, addressing the SUV and many other accusations that were thrown at him after telling followers he did not purchase it with funds from supporters of NZPP.

“The car you refer to was purchased with my business partner and had no connection whatsoever with the movement. That business has since been destroyed by my focus on this work at the cost of a living and it's neglect. I have lost two careers doing this work,” he said.

When Mr Kahika purchased the SUV, he allegedly withdrew cash ‘given' to him from his business bank account by the alleged investor.

Source: CC/ Google Maps

Mr Kahika bought the Land Rover at Archibald & Shorter in Greenlane, Auckland. The car shop sells luxury vehicles.

According to sources that supplied information to thisquality who wished to remain anonymous said the cash was not meant to be spent on a political movement or the $160k Land Rover.

Source: CC/ Facebook

On January 7 followers of the influencer were asked to donate and support upcoming events for travel and hotels/motels to be booked.

Mr Kahika said: “To all you people that troll out there, wake up. I am not working for myself. I am working for you and your kids too, your whanau, your friends. I am working for all of us.”

“I am not getting paid for it. I get my costs covered if I am lucky, which I am raising money right now to cover the costs of this coming weekend.”

“We've got audio gear. We've got accommodation, travel—all of that to pay for. I've got no income. We can only do it through what we get donated.”

An event was planned on January 9 to fight against COVID-19 lockdowns, 5G and it turned out to follow suit with a moderately sized group who appeared in support.

Source: CC/ Facebook

Following the post Mr Kahika made addressing the SUV. He mentions ‘financial uncertainty' — That he had to put his house on the market over alleged ‘attacks' from people ‘doxxing' his address.

If Mr Kahika did not spend $160k given to him, he would not be in a financial uncertainty.

thisquality understands that allegedly Mr Kahika spent some-$600 a night at luxury motels/hotels throughout his 2020 General Elections Campaign.

Mr Kahika allegedly underpaid staff or took money for himself rather than paying up to most likely cover his financial uncertainties.

Finally, Mr Kahika would not be putting his house on the market had he not spent $160k on a 2020 Land Rover Discovery.

All sources of this publication wished to remain anonymous. 


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If you liked this publication, please consider donating to thisquality. Fund trustworthy news from official government and independent newswires around New Zealand.

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Jon Stevenson

Billy TK Jnr is a sensationalist fraudster.
I knew Billy in the music scene, he smoked a lot of dope back then. This is classic Billy, all talk and no action. Lots of excuses, apportionment of blame that makes him sound like the victim. Billy if you’re reading this stop running away from your creations. Own it, you screwed both your careers, no one else. Just you. It’s not too late to change bro.