Biodegradable Masks could be the future, with seeds that grow flowers

Biodegradable Masks could be the future, with seeds that grow flowers

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A brand new idea has hit the rails following the mass manifestation of blue medical masks being applied and used worldwide. Going biodegradable could be the future and for a good cause.

Innovative ideas like what Marianne de Groot-Pons has come up with is to make a mask that, when it biodegrades, a flower grows after burial.

Ms Groot-Pons is a graphic designer living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For years she has been working on using many resources from nature to make drawings on paper, and lately, giving back to mother nature has been something on her mind.


“For weeks, I fell on blue disposable masks, thrown on the streets and sidewalks, so I woke up one morning with the idea of ​​a biodegradable face mask with flower seeds on it,” she said.

The biodegradable face mask can protect the same as a homemade fabric type. It is made out of rice paper and contains flower seeds that are visible, and attached using a special glue that is made from water and potato starch.


Soft cords made out of sheep wool are used for the loops where they go around the ear. The logo on the mask is even made from sustainable ink.

The mask once used needs to be buried in the garden or in a large pot; even throwing them in the rubbish or in a landfill will allow for decomposition on their own. The seed will likely not turn into flowers due to transportation.

It is not recommended to throw away medical or any type of face mask in the rubbish, dispose of them in a way that will not pass on germs.
* Place any used masks or gloves in rubbish bins that are for safe disposal at landfills.
* Do not dispose of any type of PPE gear in household or public recycling bins.


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