Black Cat ‘Panther Cub’ spotted in Hanmer Springs, mystery unsolved

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Influencer and videographer Bare Kiwi and double amputee Mark Inglis were filming in Hanmer Springs Heritage Forest on Friday 27 November where they spotted a large black cat on a trail road ahead.

The sighting of the mysterious black cat ‘panther cub’ happened at around 2 pm.

The black cat mystery remains unsolved, of whether it is a panther cub. Rumours have it that there is a group of wild panthers or pumas in Canterbury.


Bare Kiwi was interviewing Mark Inglis who built a new mountain bike track, named The Southern Cross, where they then both saw the cat down the trail.

“It was about 50-metres away, strolling in the other direction but it sat down, turned and looked into my soul. It was a very emotional experience. I was fearing for my life – it was a very close call.”

Bare Kiwi says it was about the size of a large house cat.

“That means it’s likely to be a panther cub as opposed to a panther – it was hard to tell. Because I was shaking and scared and only had an iPhone, the footage is not great.”

Mark Inglis says that he thought Bare Kiwi was playing jokes and pranking him, ‘pulling his leg’ when he mentioned to him that there was a black cat ahead up the trail.

“But I looked and there it was – my first thought was ‘if that’s the cub, how big is the mother?’,” says Mark.

Mark works for Hurunui Trails, maintaining the tracks for mountain bikers and walkers walking the track. He says that he will be thinking twice before going into the forest at night now.

“I certainly won’t go into the forest after dark anymore.”

Video/Image: SUPPLIED/Newsagent

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