Byron C Clark surpasses 2,000 YouTube subscribers, ‘the bearded man’

Byron C Clark surpasses 2,000 YouTube subscribers, ‘the bearded man’

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Byron C Clark has a history of interaction with Journalist David Farrier, managing QAnon and conspiracy theory content online. In recent time he has surpassed 2,000 YouTube subscribers for not uploading any new content.

Mr Clark has ensured that terrorism acts online are taken seriously by getting his followers to mass report accounts that post threats online. Calling the police is a known tactic to notify them of any suspicious activity. He has done something right, and that shall remain a continuous phase of his professionalism online, mostly to Twitter.

His content posted to YouTube consists of reprimanding conspiracies and misinformation from right-wing New Zealand influencers like Cross The Rubicon or Damien De Ment. Others consist of ‘freedom fighter’ Billy Te Kahika and radio host Vinny Eastwood of the ‘Bad News’ show.

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Mr Clark calls his videos ‘video essays’ spending dedicated time writing scripts that he later reads in front of a camera after clicking record. His audience is slowly growing gradually as his Twitter account gains new followers from a history of nearly 32.5k tweets, some recently promoting the YouTube channel and its videos.

In the past, he called out Sarah Smith for liking Facebook comments and worked with a Journalist named David Farrier to shut down public events. Mr Farrier has a history of also reporting on QAnon and conspiracy theories.

In conclusion, thisquality benefited from the drama which drove thousands of impressions and clicks. Hundreds of readers shared publications made about Mr Clark to social media platforms. One deemed him as a meme over his handle name being changed to ‘the bearded man.’


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