Camouflage Army Humvee stolen from California’s National Guard Facility in Bell

Camouflage Army Humvee stolen from California’s National Guard Facility in Bell

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FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Los Angeles made a tweet on Saturday about a search for a camouflage army Humvee stolen from California’s National Guard facility in Bell on Friday.

The FBI said the Humvee is worth around US $120,000 — the green camouflage vehicle was described as having four doors. 

The Humvee is ‘up-armoured,’ which means it has been upgraded to be used as a combat vehicle. 


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According to the FBI, the battalion number, 40TH BSB, can also be seen on the vehicle.

A reward up to US $10,000 is being offered for anyone who supplied information leading to the vehicle.

Its number is 40BSBHQ6 and administrative number is WV57TO-HQ06/M1165A1. Registration, NZ311R.

Vehicle theft from a military facility carries a 10-year statutory maximum sentence in federal prison.

The Bell Police Department, California Highway Patrol and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department are reportedly assisting with the investigation.

Image: FBI Los Angeles

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