[Cancelled] LIVE: Rocket Lab launches ‘Sunset Phenomenon’ into the Sky

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Rocket Lab was set to do its first mission of 2021, launching on Saturday night a ‘sunset phenomenon’ into the sky.

They were going to be launching their Electron F18 Kramer on a mission named ‘Another One Leaves the Crust’ from the Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand.

It will consist of a 10-day launch window starting today at 8:44 pm. However, Rocket Lab later confirmed that they stood down the mission to review sensor data.


“We are standing down from today’s mission to review sensor data. Fortunately we have a 10-day window for this mission, so we have plenty of backup opportunities in the days to come. Stay tuned for a new target launch date soon,” Rocket Lab said in a statement.

You can view the live stream above on thisquality platforms or at Rocket Lab’s YouTube channel here.

A sunset phenomenon occurs when particles coming from the rocket propellant are left in the vapour trail, it then condenses, freezes and expands. The upper atmosphere will contain less dense particles.

Image: SUPPLIED/Hamish Pike (Rocket Lab)

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