Candidates debate: It’s in the Ballot launches

Candidates debate: It’s in the Ballot launches

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Questioning what It’s in the Ballot is? we were too.

It’s a new ‘small party elections debate show’ and is coming to a town near you, the show replicates a previous Kiwi classic called It’s in the Bag.

The new show It’s in the Ballot will be covering nine North Island electorates that are closest to the Beehive. This means that Wellington, Hutt South, Wairarapa, Ohariu, Remutaka, Mana, Rongotai, Otaki and Palmerston North electorates will be able to participate with candidates.


“All local candidates who have been confirmed for their electorate are invited to participate.”

How the show will work is by starting with an opening statement from candidates, they’ll then be ‘lucky’ with a dip of questions to answer that have been carefully pre-selected out of a box. As the show says, there will be four ‘booby question’ boxes, two ‘dodge the question’ boxes and two ‘defer the question to another candidate’ boxes.

The boxes are accordingly able to be used immediately or held back, saving for later in the show as it progresses.

Each show held for each electorate will have 18 questions from the production team and 18 from members of the public who are able to submit them online, however, the questions sent in by the public must be to be answered by any candidate meaning they cannot be directed to a certain candidate.

You can find out more at the website:

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