Candidates talk with year 13s at Otaki College

Candidates talk with year 13s at Otaki College

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The General Election 2020 Candidates for the Otaki electorate had come together to meet year 13s at Otaki College after arranging it with the principle Andy Fraser before the school holidays started.

The small college event held around 50 willing to participate year 13 students in the main hall for assemblies and gatherings.

The meet started at around d 10:30 am going to 11:15 am.


Source: CC/ Sam Hudsom

The principle Andy Fraser (far left) introduces the candidates involved, Bernard Long from the Greens (middle left) attended with Terisa Ngobi from Labour (middle left), Tim Costley from National (middle), Martin Frauenstein from New Conservative (middle right), Amanda Vickers from Social Credit (middle right) and lastly Michael Kay from ATTICA (far right).

Labour and National candidates were not going to be attending but luckily showed up last minute after the principle was originally not knowing they’d arrived as there wasn’t a response to the original invitation emails post-school holidays.

The purpose of the meeting was to inspire the younger generation to vote and get prepared to see the outcomes of what each candidate had to talk about for the future.

Source: CC/ Sam Hudson

Students had the opportunity to ask questions of concern or know more from the group of candidates on what they can do for the next three years.

In-hopes the students will be able to make a decision and learn about politics, it will open up new doorways for the younger generation to continue to thrive coming into adulthood with perfect opportunities.

All students took brochures at the end of the event to learn more about the political world and the policy of each party, especially how the Otaki electorate works with Electoral Commission brochure information sheets for offer. The brochures will also be at the college library for other students to read through.

Main image credit: Rebecca Ellery

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