Canterbury DHB’s to serve Patients with a festive Christmas treat

Canterbury DHB’s to serve Patients with a festive Christmas treat

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Canterbury DHB’s WellFood team will be treating its patients with a mouth-watering Christmas meal.

Around 1,100 Christmas meals will be prepared and delivered to each patient in one of Canterbury’s hospitals.

The meals will consist of a range of delicious options across five hospitals.

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Meals options are roast turkey, chicken, lamb and baked ham that includes traditional condiments of cranberry, pineapple, gravy and mint sauce.

Tempting desserts are also on the menu for the patients including pavlova, fruit salad, mousses and Christmas pudding.

Service Manager Neville Patrick of WellFood says this year is challenging for many that are in hospital during the festive season.

“If we can give our patients an extra dose of Christmas cheer, it makes all the extra work worth it,” Neville says.

130 staff will be working in the kitchens, preparing over 50 meals on wheels. “It’s a real highlight each year for our teams across Canterbury, knowing that we’re able to brighten up Christmas Day for our patients,” Neville says.

“We’re also pleased we can give our hard-working staff a Christmas meal while they are working and missing out time with family.”

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