Central Districts Field Days canceled amid Coronavirus fears

Central Districts Field Days canceled amid Coronavirus fears

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Field days event packed with people.

Credit, Source: /Brent H

PM Jacinda Ardern is locking down on the country, and significant crowded events in New Zealand after fears of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) cases spreading to more people. Central Districts Field Days announced on Monday at 4:30 pm that they had canceled their event.

Central Districts Field Days is a unique agricultural event that attracts over 28,000 people to Feilding in the Manawatu in March for three days, to connect, discover and experience the future of New Zealand’s primary industries.

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The occasion features, front line hardware, and gear, the most recent improvements in agricultural development, way of life slow down, excellent local nourishment and nearby blends.

You can even get the opportunity to yarn with dealers and exhibitors. It’s an incredible time to try new things and buy new things, in addition to it; there are enjoyment and complimentary gifts for the entire family.

Following in, statements from the Central Districts Field Days website shows a bright red banner on top saying. 


The statement tells the public that the Central Districts Field Days has canceled amid Coronavirus fears, of spreading to other people as it is a significant event.

“The event is deemed to be high risk due to a large number of people being close; the possibility of exhibitors and attendees having recently returned from overseas; and importantly – the event being general admission, meaning it is difficult for authorities to trace anyone who may need to be monitored for COVID-19.”

“Our immediate priority is the safe pack down of the event for all exhibitors and contractors currently on site. We are also in the process of contacting all exhibitors, ticket holders, suppliers and stakeholders with this announcement.”

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during these unprecedented and challenging circumstances.” From the CD Field Days Team

Henry Mclernon, the spokesman for Central Districts Field Days, has been requested for comment on the current situation regarding refunds, rescheduling & more.

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